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Nov 2017

Sorry for he major delay, but I have finally updated the first of maybe three (could be two) major gallery updates. More pictures will be uploaded this week.

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Dec 2016

I have added photos of Jennifer attending the Passengers photocall at Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid, Spain (November 30).

Nov 2016

I’ve added some photos of Jennifer attending the Passengers Paris Photocall, at Hotel George V in Paris, France (November 29).

Nov 2014

Jennifer attends the photocall for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1′ at Corinthia Hotel London in London, England on Sunday (November 9, 2014).

X_November_9_-_Attend_a_photocall_for___The_Hunger_Games_Mockingjay_Part_1___in_London_28429.jpg   X_November_9_-_Attend_a_photocall_for___The_Hunger_Games_Mockingjay_Part_1___in_London_281929.jpg   X_November_9_-_Attend_a_photocall_for___The_Hunger_Games_Mockingjay_Part_1___in_London_285429.jpg   X_November_9_-_Attend_a_photocall_for___The_Hunger_Games_Mockingjay_Part_1___in_London_287629.jpg

May 2014

Jennifer Lawrence attended the ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ Photocall at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France today (May 17, 2014). Actors Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Julianne Moore, Sam Claflin and Donald Sutherland were also there.

May_17_-__Mockingjay_Part_1__photocall_at_Cannes_in_France_28129.jpg   May_17_-__Mockingjay_Part_1__photocall_at_Cannes_in_France_281029.jpg   May_17_-__Mockingjay_Part_1__photocall_at_Cannes_in_France_282329.jpg   May_17_-__Mockingjay_Part_1__photocall_at_Cannes_in_France_283029.JPG

GROUP_May_17_-__Mockingjay_Part_1__photocall_at_Cannes_in_France_284329.JPG  GROUP_May_17_-__Mockingjay_Part_1__photocall_at_Cannes_in_France_285129.jpg  GROUP_May_17_-__Mockingjay_Part_1__photocall_at_Cannes_in_France_282929.jpg   GROUP_May_17_-__Mockingjay_Part_1__photocall_at_Cannes_in_France_283129.jpg

Dec 2013

Jennifer attended the ”American Hustle” Photocall in New York, on December 08, check out some photos of Jen posing with the cast.

December_08_-_American_Hustle_Photocall_in_New_York_28329.jpg  December_08_-_American_Hustle_Photocall_in_New_York_28229.jpg  December_08_-_American_Hustle_Photocall_in_New_York_281729.jpg  December_08_-_American_Hustle_Photocall_in_New_York_282129.jpg

Gallery Link: December 08 – American Hustle Photocall in New York

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