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May 2020
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Jennifer appeared on Dior’s latest campaign for this pre-fall. Check out the photos below.

Mar 2020
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Hello lovies! I know it’s been three months since I last made an update. Jennifer hasn’t been as active unfortunately, and also due to the fact from my own fault. I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates.

To make up for it, I have updated the gallery with candids of Jennifer from 2020 thus far. More is to come (:

Dec 2019

On November 25, newlyweds Jennifer and Cooke Maroney were seen out in New York City. Check out the photos below.

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Sep 2019

On Thursday, Jennifer and Cooke Maroney arrived at her apartment in New York City. He gave her a piggyback ride as they entered. Check out the photos below.

Sep 2019

On Tuesday, Jennifer and Cooke Maroney were walking around New York City. Check out the photos below.

Sep 2019

On Monday, Jennifer was seen out and about with Cooke Maroney in New York City. They were seen walking around the city and visiting the MET museum. Check out the photos below.

Sep 2019

On September 5, Jennifer was out & about and going to a nail salon in New York City. She was also seen chatting on her phone while trying to catch a taxi. Check out the photos below.

Sep 2019

On Monday, Jennifer was out with her boyfriend, Cooke Maroney, in New York City. Check out the photos below.

Aug 2019

On Thursday, Jennifer was on set of the untitled Lila Neugebauer film. She received flowers on her birthday while at her trailer. Check out the photos below.

Aug 2019
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Jennifer Lawrence Source want to wish Jennifer a very happy 29th birthday. I wish her nothing but the best and hope we see her more on screen.

Aug 2019

Jennifer is set to star in Mob Girl based on the book detailing the life of mob informant and criminal informant, Arlyne Brickman.

Lawrence will also produce the film, which is based on the life of the mob wife turned police informant Arlyne Brickman, alongside Justine Polsky via their production company, Excellent Cadaver. Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino has been tapped to direct the adaptation with Angelina Burnett adapting the script. Sorrentino will also produce the project alongside Wildside’s Lorenzo Mieli.

Makeready partner and head of film, Pamela Abdy and Natalie Williams will oversee for the studio.

The film follows Brickman who grows up among racketeers on the Lower East Side of New York City where she’s drawn to the glamorous and flashy lifestyle of New York mobsters. Soon after, she begins dating “wiseguys” and running errands for them, before getting in on the action herself — eventually becoming a police informant and a major witness in the government’s case against the Colombo crime family. Source

Aug 2019

On July 22 and 31, Jennifer was seen on set of the untitled Lila Neugebauer film in New Orleans, Louisiana. There are no details on the film’s plot. Check out the photos below.

Jul 2019

Yesterday, Jennifer was seen on set of her newest film directed by Lila Neugebauer in New Orleans, Louisiana. Check out the photos below.

Jul 2019

Yesterday, Jennifer was on set of Lila Neugebauer’s film in New Orleans, Louisiana. The untitled film is Lila’s first film and written by Elizabeth Sanders. The synopsis has not been revealed yet. This is Jennifer’s first film since taking a break from filming. Check out the photos below.

Jun 2019

Last Friday marked the release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The film tells the story of Jean Grey, played by Sophie Turner, and her battle with the Phoenix who intends on taking her over. During its opening weekend, it earned around 33$ million, which is lower than its predecessor X-Men: Apocalypse at 65.7$ million. X-Men: First Class earned 55.1$ million while the second sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past, earned 90.8$ million. The last film of the franchise earned an approval rate of 23% on Rotten Tomatoes and 43 on Metacritic. The consensus on Rotten Tomatoes was that “Dark Phoenix ends an era of the X-Men franchise by taking a second stab at adapting a classic comics arc – with deeply disappointing results.”[1]

The weekend’s top twelve combined to outperform the same weekend last year by more than 43%, which means the year-to-year gap continues to close, but the weekend’s new releases both struggled mightily. Universal and Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2 was unable to even deliver half of the opening the first film delivered just a few years ago, while Fox’s Dark Phoenix entered the weekend as the worst reviewed film in the X-Men franchise ever and, predictably, delivered the lowest opening weekend of the franchise.

In second place things don’t get any better as Disney’s release of Fox’s Dark Phoenix could only manage an estimated $33 million debut, making it the first film in the X-Men franchise to fail to deliver a $50+ million opening. In fact, like Pets 2 the film’s opening is well off even the studio’s modest, $40-50 million expectations and over $30 million shy of the disappointing, $65.7 million opening for X-Men: Apocalypse three years ago.

The average multiplier for films in the X-Men franchise is 2.5x, which would suggest we’re looking at an $82.5 million domestic run for Dark Phoenix, which would make it the first film in the franchise to finish below $100 million domestically. The film received a “B-” CinemaScore from opening day audiences, which is a grade below the “A-” score for X-Men: Apocalypse, as audiences seemed to agree with the negative critical reception. The audience was 57% male with 61% of the opening weekend crowd coming in aged 25 years or older.

Internationally, Dark Phoenix debuted in all but Japan this weekend, bringing in an estimated $107 million, led by a $45.6 million opening in China. Additional openings include South Korea ($5.7m), Mexico ($5.0m), UK ($4.9m), France ($3.8m), Russia ($3.4m), Brazil ($2.9m), Philippines ($2.4m), Taiwan ($2.3m) and India ($2.3m). The film will open in Japan on June 21.