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Mar 2012
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Check out the Jennifer Lawrence Photo Gallery for tons of new photos! I’ll update wordpress in a bit but wanted to let you all know!

Mar 2012

Jennifer Lawrence looks so adorable as a cute little High School Cheerleader! I also love the cute little curls in her hair on the other picture.

Be sure to check out all of Jennifer Lawrence’s “old highschool photos” in the Not Categorized Photo Album of our Jennifer Lawrence Gallery!

Mar 2012

I can’t wait until Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie comes out House at the End of the Street!

House At The End Of The Street Trailer starring Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue and Max Thieriot. The House at The End of The Street follows the story a newly divorced mother, seeking for a fresh start, who moves with her daughter to a new town. They find themselves living next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents…

House At The End Of The Street coming to theaters September 21st 2012

Mar 2012

Check out these cool behind the scenes videos of Jennifer Lawrence filming The Hunger Games!

Mar 2012

Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning as Katniss Everdeen on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Mar 2012

Rolling Stone Magazine doesn’t do the conventional Magazine Photoshoot of Jennifer Lawrence. Instead of just straight sex appeal like most magazines, they decided to take the artistic and musical approach (very appropriate for their magazine). I enjoyed the video a lot myself, what do you all think?

Mar 2012

Check out Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine AGAIN! Congrats Jennifer Lawrence on all of your success!

Read the excerpt of the Jennifer Lawrence cover story in the April 12th, 2012 issue of Rolling Stone, on stands March 30th.

“Dude!” says Jennifer Lawrence into her cellphone. “I’m lost as fuck! I’ve been driving around for, like, 10 minutes. Where the hell is this place?”

She’s looking for a horse stable. We have plans to go horseback riding in the canyons above Malibu, but neither of us can find the place. I tell her to pull over and I’ll come find her.

The most talented young actress in America is idling on a side street in her white Volkswagen, in blue jeans, a gray T-shirt and designer shades. Her naturally blond hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail, and her elbows are sticking out the open window. She’s famous for playing vulnerable young women with wills of steel, as with her Oscar-nominated turn in Winter’s Bone, or as the bow-and-arrow-toting Katniss Everdeen in the just-released Hunger Games. Right now her face says she means business.

“I have to pee so bad.”

We drive a little more and find the stable, which, it turns out, isn’t a stable, just a red-dirt parking lot where a horse trailer is parked. Lawrence jumps out of the VW and is off like a flash, running off down the trail in search of a bush. Two twentysomething hiker babes in sunglasses and sports bras, SoCal trail chic, do a double take as she sprints past. Was that…?

Lawrence, 21, has a way of making a first impression. Woody Harrelson, her Hunger Games co-star, still remembers their first meeting. “I was on my bus,” he says, “and on my bus I have a yoga swing. Jennifer comes on, and she goes, ‘Hi, Woody, I’m J— is that a sex swing?’ Her first sentence to me.”

Josh Hutcherson, also from The Hunger Games: “When I got cast, she called me up for one of those five-minute ‘Excited to work with you, blah, blah, blah’ things. The conversation started with her saying, ‘Think about a catheter going in – ouch!’ and then turns into a 45-minute rant about zombies and the apocalypse.”

And here’s Zoë Kravitz, who appeared with Lawrence in X-Men: First Class and who is one of her best friends: “I’d met her a few times, and she was like, ‘You should come over and we’ll hang out.’ So I go over to her apartment, and she opens the door in a towel. She’s like, ‘Come in, sorry, you’re early, I was about to shower.’ And she drops her towel and gets in the shower, and starts shaving her legs, totally naked. She was like, ‘Are we here yet? Is this OK?’ And I was like, ‘I guess we’re there!’”

Lawrence finishes peeing in record time (“I’m the fastest pee-er ever,” she says later. “I’m famous for it”) and starts heading back down the trail. She’s barely had time to button her jeans when the two hikers stop her. “I’m sorry to bother you,” one says. “But could I get your autograph? My niece is 15. It would make her year.”

Fifteen-year-old nieces are Lawrence’s sweet spot right now. The Hunger Games trilogy is the biggest teen juggernaut since Twilight, with 24 million copies of the books in print. And since its post-apocalyptic action-packed love story appeals to boys as much as girls, experts are predicting the movie to make approximately a gajillion dollars, with three sequels already in the works.

Back in the parking lot, we meet up with our guide, Jasmin, who introduces us to our mounts for the day. Lawrence gets a white mare named Nay-Nay, who Jasmin says had a cameo in HBO’s Band of Brothers. “Oh!” Lawrence says, petting her on the nose. “You’re famous!”

Mar 2012

Hiding behind large sunglasses Jennifer Lawrence scurries by the paparazzi which are known for being relentless at the London airport.

Mar 2012

Take a look at these earlier pictures of Jennifer Lawrence when she was just a teeny tiny teenager! Wasn’t she just so adorable? Of course she still is too!

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Mar 2012

Jennifer Lawrence appears mostly towards the end of this great interview of the cast of The Hunger Games!

Mar 2012

I love short black skirts! Even more when they are worn by the Beautiful Jennifer Lawrence! I’m not the biggest fan of the top of the outfit but who’s looking at the shirt with legs like that!

Mar 2012

Check out this awesome long interview of Jennifer Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig and Amandla Stenbergby by KDWB Radio!

Mar 2012

Check out this Spanish interview of Jennifer Lawrence.

Mar 2012

Check out this awesome hot swimsuit type dress that Jennifer Lawrence is wearing for the cover of German Interview Magazine. I especially like the little black star they put under her eye! Tell us what you think in the comments!

Mar 2012

Check out the awesome photo IO Donna Magazine used on the cover of their latest magazine! It just so happens to be the same photo we used in the main design of! Check out what Jennifer Lawrence has to say in this interview:

On whether she feels ready for this big change:
Yes, I’m ready, but also terrified. But then how do you feel ready for something you do not know? I … I’m afraid.

On being discovered:
By pure chance. I was 14, I was in New York with my mother, standing on the sidewalk watching a rap-dancer, when a guy with a camera comes up and asks permission to take a picture. ‘Why not?’ my mother says, amused … In New York anything can happen. After a week I got a call at home and was asked to make a commercial. In short, I became a model, but without much enthusiasm. My agent, however, was always there, hammering: ‘Would you rather be a successful model or actress who is starving?’ For goodness sake, I have not had a moment’s hesitation.

On the runaway success of the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy:
We live in a world obsessed with reality shows, we use the personal tragedies to entertain the audience and we want to shock people to succeed.

On where she sees herself in a few years:
With a family and many children. Acting is my job, but it is only a small part of my life, certainly not the most important. What really counts for me is to build lasting bonds.

If you want to read more you better know Italian!