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Feb 2012

Check out this new footage of The Hunger Games featuring Jennifer Lawrence. Make sure you watch the superbowl to see all the new footage of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and the rest of The Hunger Games cast!

Jan 2012

OMG, I love video interviews of Jennifer Lawrence – Gimme more more more please!

Jan 2012

Does Jennifer Lawrence maybe have a new boy toy? Or is it just coincidence that she is going to have a second movie with The Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper. Well the gossip around the net is that they will be starring together again in Serena, a movie based on Ron Rash’s 2008 novel and will be directed by Susanne Bier (who won an Oscar for “In A Better World”).

Plot: The year is 1929, and newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton travel from Boston to the North Carolina mountains where they plan to create a timber empire. Although George has already lived in the camp long enough to father an illegitimate child, Serena is new to the mountains, but she soon shows herself to be the equal of any man, overseeing crews, hunting rattle-snakes, even saving her husband’s life in the wilderness. Together this lord and lady of the woodlands ruthlessly kill or vanquish all who fall out of favor. Yet when Serena learns that she will never bear a child, she sets out to murder the son George fathered without her. Mother and child begin a struggle for their lives, and when Serena suspects George is protecting his illegitimate family, the Pembertons’ intense, passionate marriage starts to unravel as the story moves toward its shocking reckoning.

Jan 2012

Bad News Jennifer Lawrence Fans, the House at the End of the Street movie premiere is pushed back to September 21 instead of April 30 ;(

“The film, which stars Jennifer Lawrence, was anticipated to arrive in theaters on April 20. Relativity, however, has decided a September 21 release is more appropriate. An odd maneuver, considering Lawrence’s Hunger Games would be opening March 23 and one would think Relativity was hoping to cash in on the actress’ recognition in the film and its potential box office success.”

House at The End of The Street features a teen girl (Jennifer Lawrence) who moves with her mom to a new town and learns that their home is next door to a house where a double murder took place. Complications ensue when the teen befriends the massacre’s sole surviving son (Max Thieriot).

Jan 2012
Free Fansite Hosting theme featuring Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games

Free Fansite Hosting .com has officially opened its doors with a grand opening theme featuring our Jennifer Lawrence (star of The Hunger Games)! I hope you like the theme and if you have any interest in running a fansite give our network a chance!

Jan 2012

Halleluiah, Tickets to The Hunger Games will go on sale on Febuary 22! Exactly 1 month and 1 day before the release of Jennifer Lawrence’s next blockbuster movie The Hunger Games!

You will be able to purchase them from and according to Lionsgate!

Gary Ross is directing the movie, which stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

The movie is set in a dystopic future. Once a year, the government forces each of its 12 districts to send one teen-aged boy and one teen-aged girl to compete in the “Hunger Games,” a nationally televised fight in which teens compete to the death.

Jan 2012

What? You have a question you’d like to ask the fabulous Jennifer Lawrence (starring as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games)? Well now is your chance, you have until Monday at 8 p.m. EST to ask Jennifer Lawrence anything you want.

Some of these questions will get answered by Jennifer Lawrence in an upcoming video interview of The Hunger Games star set to be released some time in March. We assume this will be shortly before the release of The Hunger Games in theaters nationwide!

The actual interview will take place on Jan. 11 in Los Angeles. Ohh, did we forget to mention that Josh Hutcherson (playing Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games) and Elizabeth Banks (playing Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games) will also participate in this interview? So you can ask them anything you want too!

Head on over to Moviefone’s Unscripted to submit your questions! Just add them to the comments in this link!

Jan 2012

Our talented actress of The Hunger Games (Jennifer Lawrence) has been selected to present the Academy Awards Nominations! Jennifer Lawrence will join Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science President Tom Sherak to announce the highly anticipated nominations on January 24, 2012.

Jennifer Lawrence and Sherak will announce the nominations in ten of the twenty-four categories at 5:30 a.m. PT. The announcements will take place at a news conference at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in the famous Beverly Hills in front the entire world!

The Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars) will be presented on Febuary 26, 2012, at the Kodak Theatre. The Oscars will also be televised live on ABC. The Academy Awards will be hosted by Billy Crystal.

Dec 2011
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happy new  years 2012 jennifer lawrence the hunger games

Happy New Years! The Hunger Games Fans! We are finally about to be in the year that the first Hunger Games film is released! I know I can’t wait!

On a side note E! Online has decided that Jennifer Lawrence was one of the 10 best dressed celebrities of this last year! Congrats Jennifer! You know it was the sexy Oscar dress that won her the spot in the top 10!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sure, but it can also make or break a career. Or send the media into a frenzy. Or, at the very least, get millions of clicks because it’s so stunning, or so horrifying or so weird.

Did you know that on the day Jennifer Lawrence wore that sexy little red dress at the Oscars broke it’s record of Unique Visitors in one day.. and we haven’t come close to it since.. We had just over 10,000 unique hits that day!


Dec 2011

Jennifer Lawrence Gallery Theme ScreenshotThe oldest Jennifer Lawrence photo gallery online has had a face-lift! That’s right, no longer do you have to look at an ugly black background while you browse lovely photos of Jennifer Lawrence, the star of the upcoming blockbuster The Hunger Games!

Please let us know what you think of the new wordpress and coppermine themes designed by Leedie Designs!

Dec 2011

Make sure you register at if you haven’t already! I also found the The Hunger Games tribute movie poster which you can see below.


I also updated the Jennifer Lawrence background gallery!

Dec 2011

If you had to one film that you wanted to see more then any other next year it would obviously be The Hunger Games. Well it’s official, almost everyone else agree’s that The Hunger Games will be a better movie then The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, The Avengers, The Hobbit or even The Dark Knight Rises!

The Hunger Games has been named the most anticipated film of next year according to a poll on MTV’s The poll included over 982,000 movie fans and The Hunger Games won 51 per cent of the overall votes!

Also don’t forget to check out this custom made poster of The Hunger Games featuring Katniss Everdeen’s (Jennifer Lawrence) Character Poster and the first official movie poster of The Hunger Games.

Dec 2011

What? Jennifer Lawrence is already the seventh most viewed celebrity on IMDB! Considering this is Jennifer Lawrence’s first year of being a “big celebrity star” I’m sure it’s some type of record don’t you think?

Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-nominated star of “Winter’s Bone,” at No. 7. Lawrence cracked the top 100 for the first time this year.

Top 10 most viewed Celebs on IMDB

On top of that Forbes has finally realized that Jennifer Lawrence is a celebrity to watch! We’ve known this for a couple of years Forbes but thanks for verifying what we already knew ; )

Jennifer Lawrence – Of the three main actors in the upcoming Hunger Games movie, Lawrence has the most to win … or lose. The film will only work for fans if Lawrence can achieve the balance of toughness and caring present in her character, Katniss.

Forbes 10 Actors to Watch in 2012

Dec 2011
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Nov 2011

Jennifer Lawrence was nominated by BAFTA for the Rising Star Award! This year Jennifer Lawrence will be competing against Adam Deacon, Chris Hemsworth, Felicity Jones, Tom Hiddleston, Chris O’Dowd, Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne.

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