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Jul 2012
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Jennifer Lawrence 4th Grade Photo

While researching that fake Jennifer Lawrence eating disorder .gif the other day on Tumblr, I came across this adorable photo: Ripped from the page of Jen’s fourth-grade yearbook, it features our favorite young star at about the same age that Primrose Everdeen is when she gets reaped in the first Hunger Games movie. But unlike Prim, who cowers in Katniss’ arms before the reaping, I think that ten-year-old Jen would’ve been able to handle herself if her name were pulled from the bowl.

Sure, she’s got a bright, disarming smile and an adorable but not embarrassing haircut. But look at those eyes—that steady gaze says it all. Put her in the Arena, and this kid would trade in her juice box for a murder weapon. Marshall Janes, Delicia Jarrett, and Alex King better watch their backs.

It seems that the photo originated from the guy who likely stood behind Jen in line for their entire elementary school career: Dylan Lyons, who posted it to Facebook several months ago. He’s a journalism major at Ithaca College and an intern for The Daily Record. Though he has a modest Twitter following, he doesn’t broadcast his connection to one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. (Aside from retweeting someone else mentioning that he and Jen were classmates.)

And for that, fourth grade Jennifer Lawrence would spare his life in the Games.


Jun 2012

up Close Face photo of Jennifer Lawrence with no photoshop

I love it when new personal and private photos of Jennifer Lawrence are released online. The photos give fans a small glimpse into the world of Jen and we can see her in her “natural state”. I personally think that today’s magazines and movies do a bit too much photoshop then needed.

Cute photo of Jennifer Lawrence with a friend Adorable Photo of Jennifer Lawrence with a friend Private photo of Jennifer Lawrence partying with friends

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We would also like to thank Jennifer Lawrence Brazil for posting these personal photos of Jennifer Lawrence without watermarks!!

Jun 2012

Young Teen Pic of Jennifer Lawrence in a hotel room

Jennifer Lawrence looked so adorable in this photo. Be sure to check out Jennifer Lawrence Brazil if your from that part of the world, they are the ones we have to thank for this cute photo of Jennifer Lawrence as a teen.

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May 2012

Jennifer Lawrence poses with family for a photo

Take a look at how happy Jennifer Lawrence’s family is in this personal photo from behind the scenes of Hollywood’s next biggest star!

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May 2012

High School photo of the young Jennifer Lawrence with classmates

Take a look at the cute photo of Jennifer Lawrence as a teenager with all of her high school classmates.

Jennifer Lawrence poses for a photo with her two brothers

I also located an old photo of Jennifer Lawrence posing for a photo with her two brothers.

Photos > Miscellaneous > Personal Photos of Jennifer Lawrence

Apr 2012

It looks like to me that Jennifer Lawrence is ready to be a Mommy!

Apr 2012

Take a look at the newbie star Jennifer Lawrence freaking out over her very first Oscar nomination for her performance in Winter’s Bone!

Mar 2012

Jennifer Lawrence looks so adorable as a cute little High School Cheerleader! I also love the cute little curls in her hair on the other picture.

Be sure to check out all of Jennifer Lawrence’s “old highschool photos” in the Not Categorized Photo Album of our Jennifer Lawrence Gallery!

Mar 2012

Take a look at these earlier pictures of Jennifer Lawrence when she was just a teeny tiny teenager! Wasn’t she just so adorable? Of course she still is too!

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Mar 2012

Check out this cool photo of Lenny Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer sure is cheesing her little head off in this photo. I wonder what Lenny said that made her crack up laughing so hard!

Mar 2012

Jennifer Lawrence looks so young, cute and adorable all at the same time in the “highschool days” photo of the star!